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People visit observation tower Velký Kosíř


Level A2 pre-intermediate

People visit observation tower Velký Kosíř

Do you like hiking? If you do, you are not alone. Many people go to visit the observation tower Velký Kosíř. They go there on New Year’s Day.

The event starts at 9:00pm. More than four thousand people go up the hill to see the observation tower. Some people even take their children or babies.

A mayor from the nearby village sells tickets. People need these tickets to climb the observation tower. “It is hard to believe but, in fact, nearly eight hundred people go to the top of the observation tower,” he says.

“The path is very slippery, because there is fresh snow,” one of the participants says. “It is very icy on some places, so it is easy to fall,” he adds.

The event ends at 5:00pm.

The observation tower is very high. It has 25 metres. You can find it on the top of the hill Velký Kosíř. It is possible to get there from surrounding villages. The observation tower is made of wood. It is open since 2013.

Difficult words: Event – something that happens, especially something that involves people, Hill – something like a mountain (but smaller and lower), Mayor – the most important person in a town or city, Path – a way from one place to another that people can walk, Slippery – a slippery surface, object, etc. is difficult to move on or to hold because it is smooth, wet, or covered in something such as ice.